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Our History

Alder Sales Corporation (Alder's) was founded in September, 1935. The original founders were G. Alfred Alder, President and General Manager; Lindon B. Alder, Vice-president; Donald B. Alder, Secretary/Treasurer; George B. Alder, Board of Directors; and Gerald B. Alder, Board of Directors.

In 1940, Alfred died and Lindon became the company's president and Donald took over as the company's general manager. In 1957, after Lindon passed away, Donald became the company's president and CEO in 1975. In 1962 Elsie L. Alder (Donald’s wife) became secretary of the company and remained an asset to the company until 1986 when she retired.


The organizational structure changed again in 1980 when Donald retired after managing the company for 40 years. Matt L. Alder, President since 1975, became the company's President and Chief Executive Officer.  Matt started with Alder's in 1974 as the company's vice-president and office manager. He is currently CEO of the company and the largest shareholder. In 2015 Cory M. Alder was named President as the fourth family member to be President and the great grandson of founder G. Alfred Alder. 

Cory is the driving force behind the continued growth and diversification the company is now enjoying and is a major shareholder of the company.  Cory worked for Alder Sales as a young man in summer months and after school since 1992 both in the warehouse and as a delivery driver.  He also worked as an installer of many of Alder’s products.  After graduating from Brigham Young University in Economics, he returned to work full time for Alder’s as a sales representative in 1999.  In 2005 Cory was named as Vice President/Sales Manager and helped to direct the marketing of all products and develop the sales force to a viable business power for our manufacturers. 

Devoted personnel were essential to the long-term success of the firm. This devotion was found not only with the founders, but also with associates like Bob Holbrook. Bob started with the company in 1935 and stayed with the company for 46 years as sales manager. Bob was succeeded by J. Scott Lewis. Scott started as General Manager in 1988. Scott moved into sales and marketing of products lines in 1989. Through sales and marketing, Scott has helped the company's sales growth to the highest level Alder's has ever seen. In 2001, Scott retired from the company, however, he continues to consult with Alder’s as the chief financial officer and business advisor.

Reuben Payzant is another example of a long-time dedicated associate. Reuben joined the company in 1937, two years after its inception. In 1965, he became a vice-president for the company. When Reuben died in 1982 he was a current member of the board of directors and an active associate. Other family members directly related to Reuben have worked for Alder's and brought their expertise and contributed to Alder's success.

As Alder's continues to grow, we look to Cory to direct the company into its century mark and to inspire Alder’s fifth generation to grow and become educated in the business over the next several years.  

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