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When constructing or renovating any building, the effective use of open space is vital to the overall success of the given organization, its employees, and its productivity. In order to get the most value out of your space, having a deep understanding of both your needs and your options is vital to taking advantage of every inch of your building and capitalizing on each and every one of your goals. 

Alder’s offers a large variety of both horizontal and vertical operable walls, including steel panel partitions, glass walls, electric, manual, and pocketed doors, and more. Alder’s space management solutions provide you and your team with the best recommendations and products on the market to ensure your space is achieving its maximum level of efficiency at any given time.

Space management product options include:

1. Operable Partitions offer immense flexibility in ensuring you get the most out of your interior spaces. These partitions make it possible to change the size of a room in a matter of minutes while allowing you to find the most efficient use of floor space and control the sound of a room. While horizontal partitions remain classic, affordable, and available in a variety of applications, vertical options from our manufacturer partner Skyfold offer acoustically-minded solutions that eliminate the need for storage pockets by retracting into the ceiling. Operable partitions come in a variety of different sizes and both horizontal and vertical configurations making them a great space management solution for any space.


2. Glass Wall Systems can help divide up a room to create separate but flexible, flowing spaces while allowing for an open layout that lets natural light in. These glass wall systems have many different applications in retail stores, corporate offices, entertainment venues, and more. Exterior glass walls are a specialty of our manufacturer partner Origin who prioritizes safety, security, and thermal efficiency - all while keeping elegant designs and personalized configurations top of mind. They are popular among architects and designers and are known for their ability to create natural, welcoming environments in a variety of spaces. 


3. Accordion Doors make space management as easy as pulling a curtain. Accordion doors consist of a system of panels that can be pulled open or tucked away for storage depending on your need. Our manufacturer partner Modernfold works closely with schools, health clinics, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses to provide sight and sound division services. With the option of manual or electric operation, accordion doors offer convenience and ease of use for any setting.


Proper planning paired with the use of practical space management solutions can guarantee that every square inch of your building is accounted for and fully functional. With options to choose from regarding size, shape, material, and more, space management solutions have something unique to offer everyone involved in the construction process. With cutting-edge technology and completely automated systems available, space management solutions can be as easy as the push of a button, giving you the ultimate flexibility of what your space has the ability to look like and how it can be used day to day.

Our primary space management product lines are Modernfold, Skyfold, and Origin. Each of these product lines have different  uses and applications within a variety of buildings, but they all work to create flexible, effective spaces throughout. All manufacturer products sold by Alder Sales Corporation meet regulatory requirements, including national fire life safety codes and ADA requirements.



Modernfold is an industry leader in the moveable wall concept. Modernfold delivers the highest quality, custom wall solutions from start to finish. Their operable partitions and architecturally-striking glass wall systems wow customers and provide them with endless possibilities for their environments. Where others see only space, Modernfold sees possibilities.


Skyfold has quickly become the acoustic leader in vertically folding operable wall systems. Skyfold is a custom manufactured fully automatic, rigid, flat retractable acoustic partitioning system that will revolutionize the way you design and work with your space. Skyfold retracts into the ceiling eliminating the need for storage pocket areas that take up valuable floor space. Rooms are reconfigured quickly and easily in just minutes with a turn of a key.  Alder Sales Corporation and Skyfold are the team needed to complete a seamless installation.

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