Space Management Solutions

Alder Sales Corporation can help you achieve the maximum use of space through vertical and horizontal space division.



Where others see only space, Alder Sales Corporation and Modernfold see possibilities for adding new efficiencies to growing business environments; for bringing areas of calm and quiet to bustling schools; for introducing light and elegance to the most surprising places. From versatile operable partitions to architecturally-striking glass wall systems, Modernfold leads the way in delivering long-standing quality, custom solutions and unsurpassed support in movable walls. Give Modernfold and Alder Sales Corporation your next space division challenge and let us show you the possibilities.

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Skyfold has quickly become the acoustic leader in vertically folding operable wall systems. Skyfold is a custom manufactured fully automatic, rigid, flat retractable acoustic partitioning system that will revolutionize the way you design and work with your space. Skyfold retracts into the ceiling eliminating the need for storage pocket areas that take up valuable floor space. Rooms are reconfigured quickly and easily in just minutes with a turn of a key.  Alder Sales Corporation and Skyfold are the team needed to complete a seamless installation.

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Renlita is a United States based manufacturer of custom operable doors, windows and walls. Product offerings include a wide variety of custom designed and fabricated vertical and horizontal operating systems. With a variety of options and capabilities, Renlita products can be used in retail, commercial and residential applications.