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Daylighting Solutions

Finding ways to bring natural daylight into your building can add some big benefits to a commercial space. Daylighting solutions currently on the market go far beyond traditional skylights in ceilings. Today’s daylighting solutions are often compact and leak-proof, minimize glare, and bring in substantially more natural light in comparison to their early model counterparts. These daylighting systems can be modular and installed in hard-to-reach spaces where windows, skylights, and more can’t reach.

Ceiling Interior Daylighting

Daylighting solutions have four primary objectives for the spaces they are installed in.

Preventing glare and preserving outdoor views are aesthetic goals for daylighting while reducing electric light use and mitigating solar heat gain are sustainable goals that daylighting solutions can also help achieve.

Benefits of Daylighting Solutions:

Proper Light Dosing takes many factors into consideration when it comes to installing daylighting solutions into a commercial space. Visible light transmission, diffusion, glare reduction, and color rendition are all important to creating an appealing space. Bright, well-lit spaces have been proven to improve the overall health, mood, and circadian rhythm of building occupants.
Productivity in particular has been shown to be positively impacted by natural daylighting — particularly within schools and workplaces. According to research, exposure to daylight can have a direct impact on a child’s ability to learn and prosper. Even teachers report higher satisfaction in their jobs and more conducive learning environments for their kids. When it comes to employees, companies have cited a reduction in errors and increases in both quality and speed of work in day-lit offices — not to mention happier workers.
Thermal and Energy Savings are a big benefit for commercial spaces looking to install daylighting options. Some companies can achieve insulation values for their daylighting that are similar to that of a solid wall. These options can prevent solar heat gain when necessary and reduce electrical costs from artificial lighting.
Structural and Sustainable, the daylighting solutions of today are built to last and easy to maintain. Made from a series of extremely durable panels, daylighting systems can stand up to extreme winds, fire, and impact. This gives outstanding load capacity and structural integrity to daylighting systems overall.
Daylighting Structure

Discover our Versatile Daylighting Solutions: Kalwall, Structures Unlimited, and Solatube

Daylighting solutions come with nearly endless customization options and can be created to fit almost any space, making these versatile products armed and ready to meet a wide variety of needs. There are numerous ways to incorporate daylighting solutions into your space through side lighting, canopies, skyroofs, skylights, and more.

We offer three product lines for daylighting options: Kalwall, Structures Unlimited, and Solatube. Each of these product lines have different commercial uses, but they all work to create a beautiful space full of natural daylight for you and your building. All Salt manufacturer products sold by Alder Sales Corporation meet regulatory requirements, including national fire life safety codes and ADA requirements.