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Today, many safety requirements that are in place to protect a building’s occupants and users are mandated, but in addition, there are also smoke and fire protection options that offer an extra layer of protection. Since 1991, Smoke Guard Inc. has provided innovative and aesthetically appealing fire and smoke protection systems to fit any purpose and any opening in commercial buildings. As a company, Smoke Guard first offered smoke-containment systems for elevator openings, and has evolved to provide a complete range of curtain systems as well.

Smoke Guard fire curtains offer easy installation and are flexible – both physically and in their application. Vertical smoke curtains are custom designed for elevator lobbies and openings. Smoke Guard also creates horizontal curtains that allow designers to compartmentalize large spaces such as atriums, drastically reducing or even eliminating mechanical smoke evacuation systems.

Standard elevator smoke curtains integrate seamlessly with existing fire protection systems to quickly bring a structure up to code. Additionally, Smoke Guard offers custom elevator smoke curtains to provide architects and designers with maximum flexibility since they can cover openings of nearly any size.

Smoke Guard’s protective systems can cover everything from small dimension fireplace openings, dumbwaiters, and pass-through counters to expensive atrium spaces and proscenium curtains for theater stage spaces. For spaces without corner posts, the M4000 Perimeter fire-rated curtain is the ideal solution for vertically deploying perimeter curtain applications. This solution can shield staircases or escalators from smoke and flames, or create a conduit and reserve space for smoke on the upper floors of a building. This perimeter curtain creates an effective counterpart to existing fire protection installations and enhances the safety of any space.

Alder’s is proud to offer Smoke Guard products, which are designed, assembled, and tested in the USA.


Take a look at the various applications of Smoke Guard products in Alder’s projects below.