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Since 1968, Structures Unlimited, Inc. has engineered daylight to become a premier USA-based, single-source manufacturer of structural skylights, Skyroofs®, pool enclosures, canopies, walkways, and entire structures. With this partnership, Alder’s can incorporate daylighting for large spaces with spans in excess of 100 feet. These structural systems, when combined with translucent sandwich panels from Structures Unlimited’s strategic partner Kalwall, form a total building system with natural daylighting that promotes unparalleled sustainability and durability. Alder’s is proud to offer solutions from our trusted partner Structures Unlimited.


Canopies and Walkways that can stand up to hurricane-force winds and high snow loads are necessary in certain environments. Structures Unlimited makes it possible to create systems with superior structural integrity suitable for any climate. Create a custom accent for any building with a unique canopy design that eliminates leaks and provides a durable structure that will stand the test of time.

Clearspan™ Skyroofs® can be engineered to meet nearly any design requirement, including center-ridge roofs, hip roofs, sawtooth shed roofs, segmented arches, segmented domes, and more. Structures Unlimited has decades of expertise as a single source provider of energy-efficient Clearspan™ Skyroofs® with the structural integrity of their products proving to perform beyond compare year after year.

Natatoriums and Pool Enclosures present unique challenges for daylighting because they are prone to issues relating to health and safety, maintenance, and structural integrity. Structures Unlimited has been our trusted source for custom-designed, energy-efficient natatoriums for years. When their proprietary framing system is combined with Kalwall translucent panels, the result is a corrosion-resistant solution that is virtually maintenance-free. Additionally, these structures achieve optimal daylighting and maximum thermal efficiency for occupant comfort.

Removable Skylights are customized and pre-engineered to suit spaces where they must periodically be removed to access large equipment like MRI machines, HVAC units or brewing vessels. Various sizes and shapes are available, and by partnering with Structures Unlimited, Alder’s can source what you need to achieve success in your next project.


Formed as a strategic partnership with Kalwall, Structures Unlimited creates unique pre-engineered aluminum box beam systems with single-source responsibility. Their product offerings began with swimming pool enclosures and became an ideal fit for Kalwall panels and daylighting solutions.