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Commercial Door Openings

Commercial buildings often contain a large amount of open-door space. From entrances and exits, garages, warehouses, conference rooms, and other areas, there are many doors to consider when assessing the safety, security, and efficiency of any commercial building. Depending on the type of business, your safety needs may require the strength of a fortress, the flexibility of an open work area, or more. Whatever your project, Alder’s is here to help.

Basic Kinds of Commercial Doors

Because of the wide variety of commercial spaces available to you, a wide variety of door options is necessary to choose from. There are four basic door options that work for most commercial door openings.

Roll-Up Doors may be the most common type of commercial door opening. With multiple colors and finishes available and a wide variety of sizes to choose from, roll-up doors are often used in garage spaces, retail locations, warehouses, and more. Roll-up doors offer certain advantages such as nearly impenetrable security, durability, extra insulation, as well as noise reduction for your building. These doors are generally stored at the ceiling level, and don’t require much space for use.

Fire Rated Doors are created from fire-resistant material and prevent a fire from spreading beyond their doors. These commercial door systems are most often used in buildings that may be exposed to flammable chemicals or substances, though they can be useful in almost any commercial building.

Security Gates / Grilles are accordion gates made from aluminum or stainless steel and are often used for security purposes. These accordion gates come in various sizes and are easily movable, making them ideal in preventing traffic to different areas. Security Gates / Grilles are used commonly at banks and other financial institutions. Retail locations also use security gates / grilles to prevent theft while still making an area visible to customers.

Overhead Doors are conventional commercial doors, made to fit large commercial openings. These doors slide up and down and are ideal for warehouse and garage spaces. Like other roll-up doors, overhead doors provide excellent security while saving space. These doors roll up and down and are stored at the ceiling level.

All commercial door options can also be reinforced for the weather of a particular area, adding an additional layer of security to your property. A variety of aesthetically pleasing fabricating and finishing alternatives are available, making commercial door solutions that are functional while aligning with the overall design of a space. In addition, most commercial door manufacturers provide incredible design flexibility by offering both customized and pre-engineered door options.

Commercial door options exist for specialized industries as well. Fire stations, industrial facilities, and other unique buildings have specific requirements for the doors of their facilities. Created with the same high-quality materials as standard commercial doors, these specialized doors may require additional features or details to help them work efficiently in certain environments. For example, station doors that are slow moving can impact response times for first responders. Our team at Alder’s is happy to help you and your facility get the doors you need with any additional features they might require.