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7 Key Components and Parts of A Secure Commercial Door

Commercial doors are the foundation of security for businesses across the country. From fire rated metal doors to simplified storefront doors and detailed internal pocket doors to glass doors, these all serve as important barriers to shield establishments from external threats while offering peace of mind to business owners day in and day out.

When selecting a commercial door, certain factors deserve specific attention. Do you need a door that withstands consistent, high traffic? Are specialized features required for your industry in particular? Each choice has the ability to ensure safety, functionality, and more. Read on below for a closer look at the various door parts and components that impact the overall security of a commercial door.

1. Commercial Door Hardware

Behind every secure door lies the unsung hero: commercial door hardware. These parts make up the powerhouse that promises the safety and reliability of your space. From hinges to robust locks, hardware components work to fortify against intrusions. Commercial door hardware offers adaptable solutions for your security needs. These include:

  • Locking Mechanisms: Mortise locks or electronic access systems that align with your security requirements.
  • Door Hinges: Durable, heavy-duty hinges for smooth operation and supporting door weight.
  • Door Closers: Ensure controlled closing, enhance security, and support energy efficiency.
  • Exit Devices: Facilitate quick, safe emergency egress.
  • Access Control Systems: Keyless entry systems for improved security and convenience.
  • Thresholds: Draft, sound, and weather-resistant thresholds for a tight seal.
  • Door Stops: Reliable stops prevent door damage and maintain stability.

2. Commercial Door Frames

Choosing the right frame for your commercial door ensures the security and stability of your space. Different frame options offer a variety of finish options, from jambs to astragals and even glazing.

Steel Frames: Robust and Reliable
  • Provide unparalleled strength and durability.
  • Resistant to impact, ideal for high-security applications.
  • Offer excellent fire resistance, securing the safety of occupants.
Aluminum Frames: Lightweight and Versatile
  • Lightweight, easy to install and handle.
  • Come in various finishes and designs to suit different architectural styles.
  • Corrosion-resistant, very suitable for exterior applications.
Wood Frames: Classic and Artistically Pleasing
  • Offer a warm and natural aesthetic appeal.
  • Provide good insulation and soundproofing properties.
  • Customizable and stained to match specific design preferences.
Hollow Metal Frames: Cost-Effective and Practical
  • Budget-friendly without compromising security.
  • Highly durable, designed for endurance.
  • Ideal for various commercial uses.

3. Commercial Door Knobs, Handles and Locks

When it comes to fortifying your commercial door, the secret lies in the details – the door handles or knobs and door locks. Explore these options that can be tailored accordingly to suit your needs:

  1. Traditional Lever Handles: Timeless and reliable while offering a sturdy grip for easy access.
  2. Electronic Keypad Locks: Convenient keyless entry with unique codes for added security.
  3. Biometric Locks: Advanced fingerprint recognition for authorized personnel only.
  4. Magnetic Locks: Seamless access control using electromagnetism.
  5. Smart Locks: Remote control and monitoring through mobile apps.
  6. Panic Device Handles: Swift exit with a single push during emergencies.
  7. Touchless Door Handles: Hygienic, hands-free operation with motion sensors or foot pedals for automatic doors..
  8. High-Security Cylinder Locks: Robust construction and advanced key systems for enhanced security.
  9. Heavy-Duty Handles: Durable and robust for high-traffic areas.
  10. Customized Designer Handles: Artistic flair combined with reliable functionality.

4. Commercial Door Closers and Flush Bolts

Securing a commercial door goes beyond intrusion deterrence by also incorporating energy efficiency capabilities.

Door closers ensure secure closure while guarding against drafts at door openings and maintaining indoor comfort. Modern door closers offer adjustable speeds and hydraulic control for customized operation.

Flush bolts, the little protectors of double doors, lock and align accordingly to prevent illicit access. Flush bolts are integrated into secure commercial doors and are easily activated with a twist or push. Strong and engineered, they fortify double doors to provide extra protection against breaches.

5. Commercial Door ANSI Safety Standards: ADA Compliance

Imagine a world where people enter any building without barriers, regardless of ability. ADA-compliant doors make this a reality. These doors go beyond security, embracing and prioritizing equality and inclusivity. Adhering to ADA guidelines shows your adherence to a safe and welcoming environment.

ADA-compliant doors consider every detail, allowing individuals with disabilities to navigate entrances, exits, and more. From widened doorways for wheelchairs to easy-to-grasp lever handles, accessibility is made a priority at every turn. Visual cues like contrasting colors and clear signage can also help to create a better atmosphere for the visually impaired. These compliant commercial doors offer smooth operation, non-slip thresholds, emergency panic hardware, and so much more.

6. Commercial Door Exit Devices and Panic Bars

In times of crisis, every second counts. Exit devices and panic bars are crucial for swift and secure evacuation. These components are ready to protect lives when it matters most.

Exit devices, or crash or push bars, allow egress with a simple push, creating a clear path to safety. This means no more fumbling with locks or keys during emergencies. 

Panic bars, with flat bars spanning the door, solve the issue of crowded spaces. With a push, the door swings open, ensuring a smooth flow of people and preventing bottlenecks. 

7. Commercial Door Thresholds and Door Stops

With commercial doors, the little things make a big difference. Thresholds and door stops can seal the deal for both energy efficiency and added security.

Thresholds create a barrier against drafts, keeping your building energy-efficient. You can control air infiltration and reduce energy bills with suitable weatherstripping and more.

Door stops and kick plates prevent damage and ensure stability. They protect doors from dents, limit swings, and stop damage to surrounding walls. 

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Understanding the various components of secure commercial doors is critical to making decisions that make the most sense for your project and/or building. Each element fortifies your space, from the robust frame to the intricate locks. 

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