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Alder’s Team Spotlight: Our Favorite Commercial Development Projects

Although it doesn’t feel quite right to name any of Alder’s projects as “favorites,” there are specific projects that have made members of our team feel especially proud. Some stand out because of the challenge and effort required to get the job done, while others are remembered for their unique features. 

Many of Alder’s teammates live and work near our projects, and take pride in driving past them each day knowing that there are people inside working, living, and thriving because of the services we have provided. As we consider the projects that have stood out, we remember the ways in which we have improved the functionality, safety features, durability, and comforts of these structures. 

“I’m especially proud of Alder’s work at the Utah Multi-Agency State Office Building (MASOB). They contacted us because a competitor’s product that had been installed merely 5 years before was already failing. As you can see from the photos, we replaced the cheaper installation that had only been in place for seven years. It is the perfect example of ‘buy it nice or buy it twice!’ Alder’s prides ourselves on using only the best quality products from approved vendors; that way, our clients know they’re making a solid investment that will stand the test of time.”

CJ Mansfield, Sales - Salt Lake City Office
Specialties: Kalwall, Solatube

Favorite Project: Utah MASOB, Salt Lake City, Utah
Kalwall installation at Utah MASOB

Ryan Reese, Sales - Salt Lake City Office
Specialties: Modernfold, Skyfold

Favorite Project: Okland Construction Company,
Salt Lake City, Utah

“Honestly, I appreciate any project that uses our products – but I love seeing new buildings or renovations in our community that feature Modernfold and Skyfold. A project that really sticks out in my mind is when Okland Construction renovated their offices a while ago, and we installed Modernfold operable partitions in their conference rooms. One side featured a full-height marker board and the other was a cork board finish that gave them so much flexibility for use. We were recently in their offices and the panels looked as good as when we installed them, which really speaks to the quality of the products. Modernfold panels are frameless panels and not only allow for space flexibility, but can also really add to the aesthetics of any room.”

“Hands down, my favorite project was the Las Vegas Raiders Headquarters. This is a space that is not only used by our hometown NFL team, but also for many other groups as offices. We had quite a challenge integrating the Kalwall products with the metal panels because of the complex geometry of the system. This project required a lot of attention to detail, and I’m so proud of the work we did. All in all, it was a very rewarding project that is a great example of how Alder’s really shines with innovative custom work.”

Matt Clarke, VP Sales & Service Sales - Las Vegas Office
Specialties: Kalwall, Solatube

Favorite Project: Las Vegas Raiders Headquarters,
Las Vegas, Nevada
Kalwall installation at Las Vegas Raiders Headquarters, Las Vegas, Nevada
Modernfold installation at Boise Veterans Administration

Eric Holstine, Sales - Boise Office Specialties: Kalwall, Solatube, Modernfold, Skyfold, Smoke Guard, Total Door

“Several projects stand out to me, not only for what Alder’s was able to accomplish for them, but also for the populations they serve.

Favorite Project #1: Boise Veterans Administration,
Boise, Idaho

The Boise Veterans Administration added a Telehealth hub to their campus in Boise, Idaho, to serve thousands of rural veterans across the Western United States. While designing the building, architectural firm Concourse was looking for a solution to divide up space while also providing high sound transmission class (STC), privacy, and the versatility of a whiteboard. Alder’s provided a Modernfold Acousti-Clear® Glass Wall System with an STC of 51 that will serve them well for years to come as they support our veterans.”

“In another project, architecture firm Cushing Terrell was looking for a canopy on a radius in front of the National Interagency Coordination Center (NICC) building in Boise, Idaho. Alder’s was able to provide a custom layout using Kalwall for this complicated building. NICC is the crucial core in a large and intricately woven network of dispatch offices, aircraft, equipment, personnel, and supplies that are necessary to respond to and manage our nation’s wildfires. I’m especially proud that Alder’s has supported this organization and their infrastructure because of the work they do.

Favorite Project #2: National Interagency Coordination Center, Boise, Idaho
Kalwall skylight in Dallas Harris Elementary school gymnasium.
Favorite Project #3: Dallas Harris Elementary School,
Boise, Idaho

“Architectural firm CSHQA had a few projects that stand out to me. First, they were looking for a way to bring natural light into a school gymnasium they were designing at Harris Ranch in Boise, Idaho. Alder’s was able to provide the Kalwall skylight and a pre-engineered curb. The installation took 5 days for both the skylight and curbing.

“Additionally, CSHQA needed a fire-rated opening for the BoDo building renovation between a food hall area and the entrance to a multiplex theater. Alder’s provided the Smoke Guard M2100 to meet code compliance that offered safety to the occupants in the case of an emergency.

Favorite Project #4: BoDo Developement
Boise, Idaho
Solatube installation at Lander Wastewater Treatment Plant in Boise, Idaho.
Favorite Project #5: Lander Wastewater Treatment Plant, Boise, Idaho

Finally, Jacobs Engineering Group was looking for a natural lighting solution for a new generator room being built at the Lander Wastewater Treatment Plant in Boise, Idaho. Alder’s installed 22 SolaMaster 750 Solatubes to provide enough captured daylight that electric lights became almost unnecessary. This represents significant energy efficiency and cost savings that Jacobs will realize over the next decades. The plant currently treats 10 to 13 million gallons of wastewater each day for the Treasure Valley, so this was an impactful project for us.”

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