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Ready for something new to fulfill your AIA continuing education requirements?

As an architect, you’re always looking for new, on-demand opportunities to expand your knowledge base through ongoing AIA continuing education courses. Here at Alder’s, we’re committed to providing opportunities that align with both your goals and the requirements of the American Institute of Architects. If you’re looking for something fresh, exciting, and/or different for your next AIA CES course, learn more about what our continuing education program has to offer below.

Options through Alder’s

Our continuing education seminars and courses are presented by Alder’s team members alongside our manufacturer partners and product providers to give AIA members a unique perspective on a number of specialty building solutions. Classes are offered in conjunction with education credits, including those for HSW (health, safety, and wellness). Topics span a variety of products, specialties, applications, number of education hours, and more. Read on for more information on our offerings.

  • Daylighting Solutions: Learn about sustainability and energy conservation considerations, tubular daylighting devices, and innovative design.
  • Fire & Smoke Containment: Stay up to date on smoke movement factors, building code requirements for mid- and high-rise spaces, common fire hazards to consider, and passive smoke protection.
  • Space Management Solutions: Gain an understanding of flexible spaces through the use of operable partitions, architectural acoustics, benefits of automated movable wall systems, room layout optimization as it relates to occupant health and well-being, and the integration of glass walls to leverage natural light.


Does Alder’s offer on-demand online courses or webinars?

While the AIA accepts courses taken in a variety of learning environments, Alder’s classes are conducted live, either in person or remotely.

Is your class format interactive or more of a lecture format?

Questions and discussion are always encouraged during our courses as we aim to provide an interactive learning opportunity for everyone in attendance. We believe that this approach makes for an overall better experience and helps our team better understand what specific interests each class has so that we are better able to focus on what it is you’re looking for as it relates to each topic.

What are the AIA membership requirements for continuing education?

According to the AIA website, AIA Architect and International Associate members are required to complete 18 learning units (LUs) of continuing education every year. Of those 18 LUs, at least 12 must be for approved health, safety, and welfare (HSW) courses. Architect Emeritus members are required to complete one (1) LU each membership year. Associate and Allied members do not have a continuing education requirement.

New members are not required to complete the AIA continuing education requirement until their first full year as a member. For example, someone who joins in June will not be required to complete 18 LUs until the following year.

Should I keep my own continuing education records?

According to the AIA website, yes. While self-reporting is not commonplace and the AIA transcript is accepted as an official record of continuing education (CE) by most jurisdictions, some may require additional documentation or records beyond what is included in the AIA CE transcript. The AIA recommends that all members regularly check their transcripts and keep their own records in case a credit is not posted.

How far out can I schedule a continuing education course with Alder’s?

AIA Courses can be scheduled at any time but, we recommend scheduling an Alder’s AIA continuing education course at least one month in advance to confirm the availability and schedules of our team and our partners.

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Our team at Alder’s is exceptionally proud to offer not only the highest quality specialty building materials on the market, but also unique continuing education opportunities to those within the architecture industry looking to retain professional licensure. If your team is interested in learning more about our available courses or you are ready to book an in-person or virtual presentation today, reach out to our team now.