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The Impressive and Sustainable Benefits of Kalwall's Translucent Daylighting Solutions

Now, more than ever, taking advantage of eco-friendly, sustainable options is a top priority for businesses across the U.S. While many companies are focusing on more traditional solutions like solar-powered energy, our manufacturer partner Kalwall focuses on sustainable, translucent daylighting solutions. Why flip a switch that requires electrical energy when you can harness natural light that will help reduce your carbon footprint while also promoting a healthier and more positive environment for your occupants and visitors?

Here at Alder’s, we pride ourselves on the products and services we offer, including the best-in-class daylighting solutions we provide to our customers. We are happy to stand by Kalwall’s top-of-the-line offerings when it comes to creating a more sustainable and comfortable environment for all. Learn more about their products below.

Kalwall's Building Facades Offer Unique Beauty

Why not provide the best environment for employees to work, students to learn, or individuals and families to thrive? Kalwall’s building facades promote a healthy and vibrant atmosphere while offering an appealing ambiance similar to that of museums to a large variety of different settings.

Major benefit: Museum-quality daylighting

Kalwall Skylights: Simple Solutions with Big Efficiency Performance

With traditional skylights, you may need to consider covers to block out the sun’s summer rays and unwanted heat. Kalwall has improved the efficiencies of skylights. Not only do their skylights diffuse light to eliminate glare, they will also minimize solar heat gain and maximize thermal performance – all while being ready, willing, and able to handle extreme weather conditions.

Major benefit: Thermal performance

Kalwall Skyroofs: Impressive Appeal and Energy-Efficient Capabilities

Kalwall’s technology that stands behind their light-diffusing skylights is even more impressive when incorporated into their skyroof solutions. The size, weight, and ability to adapt to many joint systems make Kalwall’s skyroofs easy to install with remarkably rapid results. The diffusion of light transmission is the ultimate benefit, removing the need for costly light control measures such as shades, brise soleil or fritted glass.

Major benefit: Diffusion of light transmission

Kalwall Canopies: Beautifully-Designed with Self-Cleaning Sturdiness in Mind

You can create a beautiful exterior appearance with Kalwall’s canopy designs. Not only are dirt and debris inconspicuous on a Kalwall canopy, but rain will easily wash dirt away as well. Even when regular maintenance is necessary, they help sustain foot traffic around your facility. No matter the environment, they are made to last with warranties to back their durability promise.

Major benefit: Low maintenance

Alder’s + Kalwall

Alder’s exclusively works with some of the top-of-the-line manufacturers in Salt Lake City and Boise, as well as our Las Vegas area provider, Sunstone Building Specialties, and we are happy to be the exclusive seller of Kalwall’s innovative daylight solutions in these areas. Since 1935, our goal has been to develop long-lasting relationships with our customers. When you pair the benefits of Kalwall daylighting solutions with our complete line of solutions, installation, and servicing of the products we offer, you have everything you need to get your project completed successfully.

Partner with us at Alder’s for access to the high-integrity translucent daylighting products that Kalwall offers to make your designs into an eco-friendly and sustainable construction project. Contact us today. for more information – we’re here to put together the best construction solutions for you to support a better tomorrow.